Strategic Focus Areas for the Blog and DataMartz

  • Leading Big Data Experts will examine various aspects including:
    • Role of Big Business/the Enterprise, Government, and personal life in Big Data: National and International Strategy, Policy, Plans and Initiatives
    • National and International Big Data Strategy and Identification of High-Value Missions and Applications by Vertical
      • Big Data in Different Verticals
        • Finance, Retail, Healthcare, …etc.
    • Big Data Related Compliance, Regulations and Vulnerabilities
    • Building in Flexibility, Scalability, Privacy and Security Issues and Solutions for today’s changing business environments
    • Need for Private Cloud Services and Managed Cloud management services for Big Data and Data Systems today
    • Overview Latest Tools and Technologies – Predictive Analytics, Semantics, Sentiment Analysis, Causal Analysis, Cloud, Metadata, etc.
    • Data Analysis Implementation: Collection, Processing, Management and Dissemination Strategies and Techniques
      • Modeling Data Analysis in the Enterprise Architecture
    • Big Data Education and Training: In Colleges and Universities, Private Training Companies, Nationally Funded Work Force Training Programs, Tuition Assistance and Scholarships
    • Maintaining Competitiveness in an ever-changing Data landscape
    • National and International Angel, Venture and Private Equity Opportunities in Data
      • National and International Angel, Venture and Private Equity Opportunities
      • Current vehicles for governments to provide funding and financial stimulus to big data industry covering start up, small, medium and large companies.
      • Models for Involvement as a Enabler or Catalyst in Big Data industry Capability and Growth

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